Just a little recap of our weekend. We had a little party Sunday night to celebrate the fourth. I made these red white and blue cupcakes by coloring a portion of a white cake mix red and another portion blue. Then each cupcake liner got a scoop of each. These would be great for any holiday (in the appropriate colors of course).

Of course I only took pictures of dessert because really-that's the only important part. We finished off the night with fireworks. Each of the kids got a little candy firework to enjoy while they watched the show.I made these last minute with what I had on hand, so they are not nearly as cute as the originals I saw on the My Minds Eye Blog.

We had a great night! The weather has just barely turned summerish here which is wierd. It felt like a kicking off the summer party rather than the middle of summer. But any reason to be together, have fun and eat is a reason to celebrate!

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Jennifer said...

I love the cupcake idea. Very clever.