Random Thursday

Sorry for the lack of posting. I plead exhaustion. I think May is the new December. We've been so crazy busy with all sorts of randomness. Last weekend was a big Primary(church kids group) Quarterly activity which I was in charge of. We have 179 kids in our Primary so yeah-it's kind of stressfull! We had family pictures afterwards and then Sunday I had to teach Primary and we had a Mother's Day BBQ! It all just kind of put me over the top tired this weekend and so no scrapping happened. I think my kids are feeling a little tired and sick of the cold -trapped in the house-weather. They are whiny and sassy. As I was getting Anna out of the tub last night she was looking at herself in the faucet and talking to herself and waving her hands around. She said to me " I was in the middle of a dramatic proportion(performance). It's so ignoyying (annoying) when you do that. And I don't even know what the heck proportion means." What a SASS! It was a mother moment where you want to lay down on the floor and laugh but instead you have to be mature and say "Don't talk to me like that"
So to get you by until I make something here are a few cool links:


makinzee said...

THought of you when I saw these pants. http://www.howdoesshe.com/reinvent-holey-jeans super cute! Seriously FB is as addicting as couponing! Well not really, I haven't seriously couponed since moving to Utah. 3 1/2 months but my stock is so low I'm gonna have to get with it soon!

Sandee said...

We have all kinds of sass going on at our house too... that, and fighting... constant fighting.

As for Primary, we have a dozen kids on a good day. And that includes the Nursery.