Magical Toy

Last week was a crazy one. Missoula Children's Theatre was in town with their production of Pinnochio. Anna got the part of a magical toy in Gepetto's workshop. They practiced every night and then performed on Saturday. Wow-was Anna ever in her element. She loved every minute of it.

Our conversation on the way to the show cracked me up. It started with her asking me if the crowd still threw flowers on the stage at the end of the show even when it was just kids :) Here's the rest:

A:Mom-what if I get stage fright?

M: Well are you scared?

A:No-but what if I get stage fright. (like it's a sickness she thinks she might catch)

M: Stage fright is just being afraid to go on stage so if you are not scared then you won't get it.

A: Yah-I hope I don't get it.

Let me just say for the record that I was so impressed with Missoula Childrens Theatre. If they come to your are and you have willing kids you should definitley check it out.


Jami said...

michelle- this is adorable. you will have to let me know if something like this comes up again. allie is always telling me she wants to act on stage, but I never know where the opportunities are!:)

makinzee said...

if only at my age I didn't get stage fright!