Handmade Flowers Class

Just a peek at my cards from my Paper Cottage Handmade Flowers Class last week. I loved the color scheme I came up with for these cards.

I've listed an extra class kit in my etsy shop along with some completed cards.

I also had a chance this weekend to finally play with my January Scarlet Lime kit. I love the yellows and greens in this kit. Here's a few layouts I did with it:

(This one is a 2 pager-The cake candles come out and are journaling strips. ) I'm trying to force myself to do more multi-photo 2 page layouts. If I don't start putting more photos on a page, I'll have to get a house just for all of my scrapbook albums.

OK-so I need some advice. I want to get a good circle cutter that can cut circles from about 2 inches on up to like 8 inches. And it has to be fairly compact to store it.What should I get?


Sandee said...

your first flower is a yo-yo, no?

Michelle said...

Sandee-It's actually gathered ribbon. It looks very similar to a yo-yo which would be totally cute. I'll have to try that now:)