Morning Ritual

I'm sure when you saw the title of this post you imagined this would be a lovely little post about our cheerful mornings complete with laughter and pancakes, but come on-do you know my family? We have a different kind of morning ritual and it centers around this guy---Dylan has always been an early riser and when he's up he wants everyone else up too. For the last year every morning he wakes up and quietly sneaks into his sisters room to wake her up. Except he's not so quiet and I always hear him, but not until he's already woken her up. We've tried everything to get him to stop but no luck! So this morning at 6:45 am I heard a strange whistling sound coming from Anna's room. I opened the door and Dylan was standing next to Anna's bed blowing a recorder as loud as he could. The room lights and the lamp were on full blast and poor Anna was laying in bed with the covers over her head trying her best to ignore him. As soon as I opened the door he knew he was busted and he said "Anna wanted me to play with her"! She so obviously was "loving" the time they were spending together! Argh!


makinzee said...

lol! child locks?

Sandee said...

ok this may sound cruel but i have the solution to your problem. turn his bedroom doorknob around--you know, so the lock is on the outside. thats the only way i can get mollie to stay in her room when shes on timeout.