Roller Rink Birthday GIRL

Happy Birthday to Anna! We celebrated at the Rollerdome with a little skating action! It's been a looong time since I put on a pair of skates, but I didn't break anything so all is well. When I first got my skates on my Sis-In-Law was following me with her video camera and I told her to knock it off-She said she was sure I was going to win her $10,000 on Americas Funniest Home Videos. Sorry I couldn't come through for ya Felicia-maybe next time. Anna was thrilled with her party and I was thrilled to not squeeze everyone into my house in the middle of winter, and then clean up after. Yay!
Angela celebrated her birthday too-
Happy Birthday Anna!


makinzee said...

How'd Dylan do? I've been thinking that would be fun but not so sure me or the kids could balance on wheels!

Michelle said...

The place in Nampa is cool becuase they have the little Fisher Price skates for the kids that hardly roll :}