There sHe Goes

Anna's off to Kindergarten. She was rolling her eyes at me as I asked her to pose for one more picture. I didn't think I would cry, but I'll admit it-I got a bit choked up when she got on that bus and gave me a little wave. So I did what every Kindergarten mother wants to do, Dylan and I hoped in the car and went to her school. We got out really sneaky, hid behind a parked car and watched her skip into her K classroom.
It reminded me off the day my parents dropped me off at Ricks college. (Okay-make that 3 days they dropped me off) After several days of stalling to leave we were standing in a Maverick parking lot as my dad tried to think of one more thing I might need. I was nervous and scared but so excited to just get on with it. I finally said to my parents 'I think you guys need to just leave' My dad turned and walked clear across the parking lot to throw a scrap of paper in the dumpster. He stood there for a second, walked back and said 'Alright -lets go'
So I understood when Anna wanted me to just leave so she could ride the bus by herself. I was the one crying by the dumpster (or mailbox ) :) After a few days of me picking her up in the afternoon she said 'Why can't I just ride the bus home like everyone else?' Miss Independent now rides the bus both ways :)


makinzee said...

When does riding the bus make you a loser? I hope never. And both ways to school. How fun. At least in K it's still fun!

PS The whole preschool thing with Jack is a lot of tears. So FUN you should join in!

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

what wonderful school bus pix! she looks so grown up!

Scott and Jamie said...

You are hilarious to follow her to school. I bet I'll do the same thing. We recently went private on our blog, and I didn't have your email to invite ya. Email me:jlynnp(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Thanks hope all is well.

Peggy said...

so cute Michelle! it's so hard to let them grow up.