Gettin Outta Town

Last weekend we took off for the weekend and went camping. It was the first time we'd taken the kids and they were in dirt heaven. A campfire, some fishing, and a few smores later we were all having fun and enjoying being together and being away from everything else.

Mike the obsessed fly-fisherman bought the kids a little fishing pole and tried to help the kids catch a fish. The kids were bored with it after a minute and only got excited when there was a fish actually on the line. The first one he caught was little and he thew it back in while Dylan named it Bob and cried that he wanted to keep it for a pet. I'm glad no big ones were caught. I don't think the kids would have ever recovered from eating Bob for dinner.

I asked the kids what their fav parts were. Anna said playing on the playground at the campsite. Dylan said being able to pee wherever he wanted.


amanda said...

Ha Ha typical boys answer!!!! That is hilarious!

makinzee said...

haha, when Jack when camping with mike he was peeing anywhere and everywhere! must be a boy thing. And BOB, he is so humourous.