Memorial Day

The Madarieta clan has established a new Memorial Day tradition. The past few years we have headed to Hagerman the Sat before Memorial Day for the Fossil Days parade. It sounds lame, but is actually a blast. There is just something about a small town parade and carnival. The kids got their usual stash of candy at the parade.
They braved some rides,had some carnival food and left with smiles on their faces. (Except for Anna who was mad that the tickets ran out)

My kids think Hagerman is the coolest place on earth which makes my dad really happy. He's been trying to convince us for years that Hagerman is the place to be. As teenagers my brother & I dreaded it. We'd go see our grandparents for a few hours and then be bored out of our minds. So Dad, you win-Hagerman IS the place to be.


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Great pictures, looks like nice time!

rmeyfe said...

Looks like fun!!

Sandee said...

Funny how your perspective changes, eh? Cute kids!