Weekend Roadtrip

A few weekends ago we went to SLC for the weekend to get away and have some fun! The kids were a bit excited and did not sleep a wink the entire way down. The first night we went to the Planetarium and Anna was in space heaven. She checked everything out several times.After the space stuff we went and saw a 3-D Under the sea movie. Even Mike & I were amazed. It was so real! Dylan kept trying to catch everything and Anna tried to hide from everything. That night at our hotel Dylan was wired in the room. He wanted to ride the elevator again and again. Honestly his last words before he went to sleep were-'can I go on the elevator again' At the first crack of sunlight in the am he sat up and said-'Now can I go on the elevator?' Yeah-he's easy to please.
The next morning we went to a Dinosaur museum. It was impressive. We then drug the kids all over Temple Square. It was beautiful with all of the flowers in bloom. The scrapbooker in me considered the purpose of the trip to be getting some good shots of Anna with the flowers. But guess what-everytime I took a picture she looked like this:
I asked what the problem was and she said-'My eyes are having a nervous breakdown. Great-these things are useless' WOW! Okay-so we moved on! I hit a few local scrapbooks stores and the kids crashed. A fun weekend!!


makinzee said...

love the flowers there...did you go to the kid place by the hansen planeterium..it so fun too, i forget what it's called. what a fun get away.

Jami said...

Michelle!! I am so glad you found me--love the blogging world! :) I just read your comment from forever ago--so sorry it took me so long to come back!! Family is too cute!!