Summer Water Relay Games

I just finished typing up this list for our Primary Activity day, and thought maybe someone else could use this list of games for a family reunion or picnic. Have Fun!
  • Water Balloon Smash Relay
    2 Teams line up behind start line. A bucket full of water balloons sits in front of each team. In the distance is the finish line. One at a time a team member grabs a balloon, runs to the other line, sits on it until it pops-then tags the next person in line. First team to finish wins.
  • Pass the Sponge
    2 Teams form a line. A bucket is at the beginning and end of each line. Beginning bucket is full of water. End bucket is empty. Person at the front of line dips sponge and then passes it to the next person over head. Last person wrings it out into bucket. The team to fill the bucket to the line wins. (little kids can just pass it however)
  • Piggy Freeze
    2 Teams line up around 1 kiddie pool. One member of each team gets in and grabs an ice cube with their toes only and puts it outside the pool. The next person in line then gets in. The first team to finish wins. We will start with the little kids and add water to the ice cubes for the big kids.
  • Squishy Ball Waddle
    2 Teams line up behind start line, with a finish line in the distance. One member of each team puts a wet squishy ball between their knees and runs to the finish line. They must then drop the ball without their hands in to bucket of water. The team member then gets the ball out of the bucket, runs back to next team member and passes the ball. First team to finish wins.
  • Whip Cream Bubbles
    2 Teams line up behind a start line. One at a time the y run to a table, put their faces into a pile of whip cream and dig out a gumball. They must then chew it and blow a bubble. Team member runs back and tags next team member. First team to finish wins. We will give each child a new plate with 1 gumball and a small amount of whip cream. Little kids will get small piece of candy they just have to chew up.

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